Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6!

Hey family!!!! Happy birthday Kelsie and Nikki this week!!! Must of been great party for Nikkis birthday. Everyone looks happy and the same haha. I hope Kelsie and Nikki have a great birthday this week!! I sent something for both of you Probably wont get it on your birthday though. Nothing big but I hope you like it. I am grateful for both of you and I will be thinking you both this week!!! It sounds like everyone is doing great. Man I would do anything to watch dad get a shot!!! I remember video taping him when he got a flu shot haha. Sorry dad but to me I think it is really funny that we are scared of shots. I am also a baby when it comes to shots haha. I always rememver mom randomly saying hey lets get some ice cream!!! I said ok that sounds great!!! Then I realized that the baskin robbins looks different than I remember. Every year tricked me to get a flu shot haha. I also remember trying that on Dad and once he realized where we were going he tried to get out of the car!! haha Funny times sometimes I think our whole family is babies when it comes those stuff!!!

It has been another good week here in Samurai Shibetsu!! The weather has been actually really good this week. In the day the weather is about perfect and then at night it gets a little chilly. That is good though because I was expecting it to be snowing by now. Usually it snows in November here in Hokkaido. Everyone in Shibetsu is getting ready for the winter. ALl of the people have to wrap up there trees so that they dont die. But yeah shibetsu has been good yo!!

It sounds like it is the pretty time in Utah right now. When the leaves change is my favorite time of the year. It is kinda of doing the same thing here!!! But I still think Utah is the best place in the world haha.
Shibetsu is great but the only down side it has a terrible smell!! haah I cant even describe it. It smeells like rotten peanut butter and it is everywhere we go!!! If you really want to see how it is mix some peanut and milk and then put it in the microwave haha. I am sorry but that is usually what I am talking about when I am outside haha. It is terrible.

This week we made a lot of appointments for the next week. I feel like this was truly a blessing from the Lord. In the previous weeks it was a little harder to make appointments. But this week it seemed like they were so just rolling. I just hope that this week all of these appointments come thoruhg. THis week we found someone that I was really excited for. She is a mom and recently was divorced. She seemed really interested in the message and we made an appointment for this thurday. I feel really confident that she can become a strong investigator!!! _This made me really happy and I hope all works with this appointment. Other than that I have been loving Shibetsu. This week is transfers so we will see if I transfer out of Shibetsu. Usually after three transfers you transfer. But who knows I can see myself staying another transfer. I should be getting the call tomorrow haha. I just want to find out already haha. Until then I will focus on what I need to do!!! If I do transfer I will always remember all of the experiences in Shibetsu. But until then I will go all I can in Samurai Shibetsu!!!

Every week we visit a less active member in Nayoro!!! I think I told you about him before. But he has a bone disease where he cant really move and function on his own. There has been countless of time where we helped him. We have given him a blessing, changed his clothes, and visit with him every week. From these experiences I am grateful for the health that I have. I couldnt even imagine if this was my case. Everyday I bike and walk around the city. I am so grateful for this oppurunity and for all I have. Whenever times get hard I think of all the things that I have. That I can teach this gospel, I can ride a bike, and etc. I think all of us can apply this in our lives. When times get hard always remember all of the things we have. This especially has helped me here in Shibetsu. I also realize that our trials are nothing compared to others. If I feel like I am having a hard time in reality I am really not!! I have learned alot on my mission but that is something specific that I learned. No matter how hard things get Jesus Christ suffered for all of us. I am grateful for the testimony I have a jesus christ!!!!

Life is about the same though right now!!! Everyweek I am trying to improve from the week before. I always need to stay motivated to learn this language and share the gospel with others!!! I am so grateful for this oppurunity and that I get to serve in Sapporo. Frozen Chosen!!!!!!

I love you all and I hope everyone has a great week and great birthdays!!!!!

Love Elder Maughan

October 30

Hello family!!!! It is great to hear what is happening back at home!! Some funny and interesting things that I heard. I heard a little about DAds experience at Lake Poweell I will need details later. I also laughed when I heard about the mouse in Scott and Nikkis apartment!!! I can see that situation in my mind right now haha. I have seen any crazy animal yet but there are really huge spiders!!! The biggest I have ever seen haha!! It sounds like everyone is doing great and staying out of trouble maybe Kelsie haha?

This week was awsome!! On friday we had our mission conference and then on Saturday we had the temple ground breaking for the temple. It was basically a three day event because on thurdsay all day we traveled to Sapporo. The temple site is so amazing and it is big too. Before they had problems starting the temple involivning something with a nearby college. It took a while to resolve but they are starting to build it. But sorry to say I dont think it will be done before I come home haha. Who knows the Japanese are hard workers so anything can happen. The groundbreaking ceremony was great. It was about a hour and half long and it was raining the whole time. It was great to see what missionary work is doing to Sapporo!!!

The mission conference was really good too!!! It was my first time to see all of the missionaries in the field. I learned alot again at the meetings and I am always grateful for all the missionaries and President and sister Evans. It was Presidnet Evans birthday and everyone got presents for him. We all surprised him right before the ground breaking ceremony!!! He was really surprised he thought we were doing a spirtual preparation for the meeting. But when we came we all surprised him haha. After the surprise party we had a testimony meeting for the missionaries that are returning home. Alot of good missionaries are going home this next transfer and it is going to be sad to see thim go honme. They were really good examples to me and if I can become like them I wont have to worry about anything.

When we returned to shibetsu and was excited to start the missionary work again. This week we actually taught a student from our english class. She has become a new investigator and we will focus on her down the line. This week we didnt have that much time to proselty but with the time we had it was good. I am trying to find new ways to try to find people. It seems like something new needs to happen in order to find people. I have done all of Shibetsu!!! Whereever I go now I have already done it before haha. There are some times when people recognize me from before. It is really funny but then again the people are not excited to see me again haha.

Last monday we actually had a pretty crazy experience. It was about 700 pm and we were knocking on doors. We knocked on somedoors and the people were really nice. I then knocked on the last house on the block. An old man answered and then just slammed the door!! I was like okay I am used to that haha. We returned to our bikes and started to go to our next area. After a couple minutes I realized that a car was following us haha. I told my companion and then he started to get scared. I was like oh well lets keep going!!! Then all of suddent he car past us and then pulled over. It was the crazy old man!! haha He was yelling this Japanese that both of us could not understand!! He was so angry and it looked like he wanted to fight. I told Elder Peterson lets just keep going. We past him on the bikes and then turned to the next street. We realized that he was still following us haha. I decided we should proably go to the police so we will go away. We rode the police station and then went inside!!! The man then went away. We told the police what happended and they didnt really do anythinga bout it haha. It was scarier at the time but now I look back and it was awesome!!!! I am glad to be a misisonary!!!

Even though that man was chasing us I knew I was protected and that nothing would happen. I am grateful for that experience!!! This week has been good and I am sure I will have some miracles to tell you about next week. I love you all and I grateful for everyone and their support!!! Remember to do all the smaall things like read the scriptures, pray, andd send me letters and everything will be okay. I love you all and I glad to say that you guys are my family!!!!

Love Elder Maughan
It was good to hear that Zach got his mission call!!! Wow I cant believe they are already getting there mission calls. Wow everything is going by so fast!!!

Long time since post! But here is October 9

Hey dad Happy birthday once again!!!!!! I hope you have a great birthday with your cookie monster pants haha. I sent you letter last week so it should be coming soon. I am glad to hear that everyone had fun on the hikke this week!!! October already wow how times flies by!! I am glad to hear that everyone is staying busy and having fun. I am trying to do that at the same time haha. I was amzed with all of the good conference talks. If I could I would watch them all over again. I also realized that the church is spreading everywhere. Every six months it seems like new temple are being anoounced. It is amazing!!! I love it. I hope everyone loved conference like I did.

This week has been good!! On sunday and Saturday I got to watch conference. I watched it on a laptop at the church with elder Peterson. It was such a great conference and I learnded alot of things for me. There were so many wonderful talks and it would be difficult to choose a favorite. But I really like Elder Richard G scotts talk about scriptures. That whenever you need a friend close by you have a scripture. I will for sure apply this in my missionary life. I will never know when I will need these scriptures in my pocket. I also really like Priesident Monsons talk about when you was deicated the german temple. I thought that was an amzing story. It was the story when you had a feeling to call on of the german brothers to talk at the didcation. The thing was he wasnt there at the meeting. That brother was somewhere else but then he had a feeling to hurry and get to the temple. Right when he arrived he heard that President Monson announced his name to speak. I thought this was a miracle and itw as because President Monson listened to the spirit. I loved conference and I need to review my notes so I can ge3t more incites into it.

By the means of Mission work it was been good!!! Right now we dont have any strong inverstigators and it is a little hard. I am sure that in the upcoming weeks we will find some investigators. But yeah we have been looking for investigaroes everyday. The people will accept this gospel sooner or later!!! But it makes me so gratful for this gospel. Since I have come on my mission have been more grateful for this gospel. Everyday I trying to find new people to bring into this church. The prophecies have come true that the gospel will be taken to all of the world. I am loving that the world is expanding and accepting the goespel. Some of the people are just not ready right now!! but anyways this week we have been lokking for investigators, Japn will be the gateway for alot of the other counteries in asia!!

Peterson choro and I are doing well!!! In the beginning of the week he had a fever so it was diffult in the beginning. But now he is doing better so we can focus more on the work. He is a good elder his dad is the military so he has traveled alot around the world. At the same time he has a really crazy personality haah. Sometimes I laugh just because it is way funny. The language is still Japanese and it will take time. I feel like the majority of the time I understand what is going on. My hear just need to keep adjusting to this language. This week we found out that every tuesday for district meeting we will be going to Asaikawa. It is proably the second biggest city in Hokkaido besided Sapporo. It is fun to travel and practice with the other missionaires in our district. That will be fun to be able to do that until the rest my time here in Shibetsu. I heard that is getting cold in Utah is that true!!! Shibetsu is usually good until night and then it gets really cold!! But I heard that Shibetsu gets the most snow in the winter in Hokkaido. I will probably leave before it starts snowing and gets too bad haha. I am not really worried about the weather yet but we will see when it hits. Oh yeah this week we had two new students come to English Class. THis is a huge thing to happen because lately we have been able to find anyone to come. We now have five in our english class and it is really fun!!! Shibetsu is great and it will always be my first area and i will always have a special feeling toward Shbietsu.

Well I love everyone and all of their support. I am so grateful for everyone and their examples. If anyone anyone wants to talk just email me haha. I will listen and proabable write back haha. I love you all!!!!! Have a good week!!!
Elder Maughan

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 17: August 28

Family it was good to hear from you once again. It sounds like everyone had a fun but busy week at school. School is always fun for the first couple weeks and then it gets to you haha. I am glad to hear that everyone's week went well and that going to school again haha. Mandie that is so crazy that you are an elementary school teacher. If your students are anything like I was you are in trouble haha. WE have this investigator that we taught and he has a boy that is two. Wherever I see little kids it reminds me of you teaching them haha. That is awesome that Grandma is living with us now!!1 Right when I leave it is like a party 247 at the Maughan house.

This week has been good!! Yesterday President Evans and Sister Evans came to Shibetsu to meet the members of the branch. I really enjoyed this experience and how the branch members really look up to President Evans. President Evans also asked me if I was ready for a Japanese Companion. I told I am and so we will see what happens. I was excited but nervous and the same time we will see what happens. I want to improve more with my language. If I get a Japanese elder then I will improve a lot more and a lot quicker. I am not to frustrated about the language though. I do feel like I am improving more and more each week. My goal is by Christmas I can show all of my hard that I have been doing with the language. This week I found out that when we tract and proselyte when the people see that I am white they walk away or shut the door right away haha. Tamashiro choro and I are trying to find ways to hide me while he is contacting people haha. I had another instance I knocked on a door and a grandma came out. \right when she came out she said I don't understand English. I told her it was okay because I can speak Japanese. Ha ha it was really funny if you are American they don't expect you to speak Japanese at all. Japan is set up so any American can come and function. Don't really need to know that much to get around. They the signs in Kanji and then in English it is interesting to see how much influence we have over here. I heard that it is really hot in Utah. It is the same here in Shibetsue. Somedays it is so brutal and other days it will not stop raining. It is okay though because I get to enjoy the nature of Shibetsu. I am enjoying this area as long as I can because no other area is like this in Hokkaido. Elder Tamshiro was telling me how rare it is to start out your mission in Shibetsu.

This week I found out that next week we have basically a mission conference. We have a conference with half the mission. I am excited because I will be able to see more the island in the fullest. Our last zone conference was really fun also.

I am reading Jesus the Christ still and I am half way through it. It is such a good book and I am loving reading it. Personal study is probably my favorite part of the day. I get to learn new things everyday and that is why I love it. I encourage everyone to try to have there own personal study everyday. From what it sounds like Mom is doing a great job with this. That is awesome to hear that Rhett Ahlander is back from his mission. All of those friends are home and that is really weird to think. All of them were really good examples to me and I excited when I get back and I can talk to them again.

We go to a near by city called Nayoro two times a week. In order to get there we ride the train and then we get there one of the members lets us ride her bikes. This week we lost the key that locks up the bike. We felt really bad about this. But the thing was we left the bike at the train station. We needed to return the bike before we went back to Shibetsu. So I basically had to carry the bike to there house. It looked like I was stealing a bike haha. Especially if you are Japanese and you see an American carrying around the city. It was really hard and funny and the same time. It is crazy to think how small of things can ruin your day. I decided to get over it and keep moving on. That is what we all need to do not worry about the small things or bike key that can ruin your day. I had a good rest of the day and we taught a lot lessons. I feel like that wouldn't have happened if I was discouraged and grumpy. I have a good time here and working has hard has I can. I love you all of a good week and don't let the little things ruin your day!!!

Elder Rainman Maughan

Week 15: August 14

Hey family so how is Powell!!! IT has been fun seeing pictures of everyone and the boat. I heard you guys watched the pictures I sent haha. I hope you enjoyed my toilet pictures and all of that awesome stuff haha. I was really worried today that I wasn't going to be able to email today. So there has been a holiday here for the span of 2 something weeks. It is kinda of like Fourth of July in America. The end of the celebration was yesterday and today. Most of the stores are closed down and we were surprised when our store was open. Today and yesterday it has rained as much as I have ever seen in my life haha. We left our apartment today and got soaked and then came back and put on rain clothes haha. No wonder why Japan is so Green. It was fun to be soaking wet on a bike. It seemed like i WAS WAKE boarding. I was wet and I was pretty fast I even did a couple jumps.

Mom I loved that story that you sent to me. It was an awakening for me and made me realize how important everything is. I couldn't imagine how life could be if that happened. That missionary had such a good attitude and I need to have that attitude even today. No matter how hard the work gets it will not get that extent. I really liked that so thank you!!! Although everyone is at Lake Powell I am so grateful to be on a mission. We all know that is what needs to be done. Some days I don't think I can get through it but then I imagine a family waiting for the gospel. I want the Japanese to have what we have. I have only been here a month but I feel like most of the people are no happy with there life. I know that this gospel will bless them in there lives. That is where I come and Rhett and Michael we have chosen on our own to serve a mission. It was not anyone else's decision besides us. I am so grateful that I get to put on Jesus name every morning. Although most of people hear Jesus and don't want to do anything with it. I am so glad that I get to put on his name.

This week has been basically finding. All of our investigators except for one we have dropped. This week we hve been finding whenever we have time. This week is going to be about the same. I always love coming home is so tired and hitting bed haha. If we keep looking we will find people to teach. Transfer 1 is over tomorrow and it went by really fast. We think that both of our staying for the next transfer. This makes me happy because I don't want to leave Shibetsy yet. We will see though.
I am have been reading Jesus the Christ lately and I am learning so much more than I have thought I would. I love deeply studying Jesus Christ and all of the things that he did. It reminds me of why I am here and what I am doing.

The language is about the same and it alright. I feel like my listening skills have gotten better and that is awesome. We have put a punishment if we speak English. Because we are both Americans it is really hard to always speak Japanese. Our punishment is if we speak English we have to do 5 push ups. You add them all up and at the end of the day you do them all. This is the last thing you want to do when you get home because you are already so tired hah. I feel like it helps but it is not fun doing push ups haha. I am not going to worry too much about the language,. I am going to study, speak and ask questions and then it will come. I have seen this already help me a lot.

I am sorry to hear that you stepped on Bee if that is the worst that happens I think I will call it a successful trip.

So I saw that picture you sent me of this so called Dave!! He looks like a nub hahahahahahhahahah. Just kidding but seriously who is he??? He looks like a cool guy i am sure everyone is having fun haha. Any crazy things happen yet in Powell? I am sure something has happened there is some that always happen. I hope that family is doing great and having a lot of fun. Remember Lake Powell is only one time a year so I have fun. Thank you for all of the support and love and I think of all my loves in prayers!!!

Elder Maughan

Week 13- July 31

Wow this week by really fast!!!! It has been a really good week and a lot of things happened. On Monday and Tuesday we had zone conference in Asaikawa. It is such a cool city and when I think of Japan I think of cities like that. I think it is the second biggest city in Hokkaido besides Sapporo. Zone conference was really good and I learned a lot. Our APs ZLS and Mission presidents are so good and I learned so much. I got to tract with Elder Ackerman on Monday!! That was really fun. He is the AP and I have learned a lot from him. On Monday we went to Furano and went to the lavender fields. Don't worry pictures are coming in the mail. I am sending my sim card to you guys so hopefully nothing happens to the pictures haha. Anyways I learned a lot from the zone conference and I could tell the difference between Elder Tamashiro and my work this week.

Mom you wanted me to answer some questions for you. Here they are.

1. We have five zones in our mission I think they are: Asaikawa, Sapporo, Sapporo, 2 others ha ha I forgot.
2. When I went to zone conference I saw a couple missionaries that I knew from the plane ride. That was okay because I met my zone and I have made new friends.
3. Elder Tamshiro is such a cool elder. I have learned a lot from him already. I feel we will be friends after our missions. He is from Hawaii, pro city and he really loves his family. We have had a lot of good times so far. I am grateful that he is my companion I am learning so much from him.

Everyone had a good summer it sounds like!! Scott went surfing. That is so cool!!! I remember the first time we went to Hawaii, it was the best. That is way cool that Nikki surprised you!! My wife better surprise me with crazy adventures haha. Grandma, thank you for writing. I always love hearing from you everyweek thanks!!!! I hope everyone else has a good week with a lot of fun. School is about to start only in a month (ha ha) That went by really fast. I am glad that everyone is getting ready for that!!!!!

Right now we have only one really strong investigator. Her name is is Owaki san and she is awesome. She wants to get baptized but her husband is really against the church. This makes me really sad because she wants to get baptized. We are going to keep teaching her but we need to find an answer to this question. We have another investigator named takekawa san. He comes to church but he doesn't follow any of the other commitments. It is interesting because he doesn't seem interested but he comes to church. We have been trying to find people really hard this week. We will continue this week so we bring more people in. Our branch has about 15 people not counting us. I can't believe how busy the members are. Some of them of like 7-8 or callings. When I return home I will always count my blessing for only having one calling. Our man city is Shibetsu but we go to other cities nearby. Nayoro is the city that we have the most success in and I love going there. All of the other cities remind of little house and the prairie but with angry farmers haha. Well only to the missionaries haha. I have decided with the language to study as much as possible and then that is all I can do. Not to get disappointed for any reason. I feel that this has helped me a lot during this week. It is crazy to think that a month ago I was still in Utah. This month has gone by really fast and I am glad that I experienced everything that I did. I feel my testimony growing even during the hard times. There will people that open up their hearts and let us in. I am waiting for that day haha. Until then I will work as hard as I can!!!! I love you all have a good week!!!!!

Elder Maughan

Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 12: July 18~!!

Family it has been another good week here in Shibetsu. A lot of hard work has happened this week. I got my bike so I was way pumped about that!!! I feel like the king of the world on that thing. I then I realized it is not that cool after I got tired haha. Dad you are right if I could compare it to a city it would proably be Monticello haha. Except I would have to say that shibetsu is a lot bigger. I am still trying to adjust to everyone staring at me all the time. If I wasn:t a missionary I would probably make a face at them or something. It sounds like our family is doing great!!! Mandie I heard that you are setting up your classroom!!! That is so crazy all of us are so old but some are younger than others haha. Everyone sounds like they are having a great summer!! I have to admit there are times that are extremly hard but I am having the time of my life also.

We have a couple investigators that are pretty strong!! Both of them come to church and I hope that they can keep progressing. Whenever you ask anyone about God they say they are Buddhist and move on. The funny thing is they say that they are buddhist but most of the people dont know anything about the reiligion. It is just a Japan Culture thing and they dont want to break it. I had an experience where I older Japanese man was telling us that we were extremly rude. He then was bashes America and our beliefs. I was frustrated but afterward I was wow I am actually serving a mission. It felt good to get rejected like that haha!!!! Elder Tamshiro is really cool and he keeps trying to help me with the language. I am trying to listen as much as possible during talk.

Mom here is my usual routine everyday. We wake exercise for 30 minutes(perfect pull up oh yeah\!!!!), eat breakfast, and then have personal study for a hour. I then have companionship study for 2 hours and the language study. Have language we have a quick lunch and then start tracking or housing. When we have an appointments we go to those also. AT 6 or later we usually have dinner. We then work until nine to nine 30. We then have planning at 930. I wirite in my journal and then go to bed. That is basically my schedule except one time a week we have district meeting, weekly planning, and other stuff. The fun thing that we have is we teach english classes to local people. I dont think I have laughed so hard in my life our last class. I was trying to explain to them words like oath and beverage haha it was really funny!!!!

I got to serve a day with the zone leader Elder Gandy. This was a really experience to learn from him and see what he does. He was the happiest missionaries that I have ever met. That is goal for me is always be as happy as I can. Today we are going to a waterfall for Pday. I am reallly excited we have to go on a train to get there. THe days are preety slow here but I am expecting for them to start to spped up. I havent been able to teach alesson yet because the people are just not interested. I know that if I keep working ang become diligent I will be able to teach someone eventually. During church one the members child got baptized. They dont have a batismal font so they used basically a portable pool. It was funny when I saw it but I realized you need to what you need to do. I love this church and our members here in Shibetstu.

I try to have fun everyday and also work.Sometimes it is hard because there is nothing to do haha. I love it though and wouldnt change it for everything!!!!

I challenge everyone to try to feel the spirit everdya. President Evans say if we di tghis you know you have accomplished what you are supposed. I love you all and I am grateful to be a missioanry. THANKS for everything!!!!
Thank you everyone for all the supprt and the writing it has been great!!!!

L0ve ELDER Maughan